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1. Disclaimer​​

1.1 Purpose 

This is the official website of BLOCKRAISE, The information published on this website is for information and contact purposes as well as marketing purposes. By visiting this website, the user agrees to the following terms of use. The contents of this website may be changed, deleted or temporarily not published at any time. The user hereby acknowledges that when leaving the website, including by forwarding to other websites via links and advertisements (off-site), he or she is subject to the terms of use of the corresponding website owner.


1.2 Intellectual Property

BLOCKRAISE reserves all rights for all contents published on the website by itself (trademarks, product names or company names or logos, texts, images, software). All intellectual property rights of BLOCKRAISE are protected under Swiss and international law, in particular copyright protection, trademark protection, unfair competition law protection, etc. Any use made through the granted right of use, such as in particular copying, reproducing, modifying, reselling, distributing, extracting, re-using, transferring, publishing, reproducing or any other exploitation thereof, regardless of the means or medium used, is prohibited without the written consent of BLOCKRAISE. The intellectual property rights of the BLOCKRAISE are offered as seen by the BLOCKRAISE and the BLOCKRAISE expressly disclaims all warranties with respect to such intellectual property rights unless otherwise provided by law. To the extent permitted by law, BLOCKRAISE excludes all responsibility and liability for damages of any kind resulting from the infringement of intellectual property rights.


1.3 Disclaimer of Liability

The website is offered as seen by BLOCKRAISE, and BLOCKRAISE expressly excludes, as far as legally permissible, any warranty for the use of its websites. The liability of BLOCKRAISE for damages and warranty claims, in particular lost profits, indirect and consequential damages, of the user as well as of third parties is excluded to the full extent permitted by law. Liability for auxiliary persons and subcontractors of BLOCKRAISE is completely excluded.


1.4 User Liability

The user is liable to BLOCKRAISE for all damages caused by the user or his or her auxiliary persons of BLOCKRAISE in connection with the use of the website, regardless of the legal basis, to the full extent permitted by law.


2 Privacy Statement


2.1 Dealing with Data

BLOCKRAISE expressly guarantees compliance with Swiss data protection regulations. BLOCKRAISE undertakes to ensure that systems, programs, etc. which belong to it and over which it has influence are secure in accordance with the latest technical standards. BLOCKRAISE secures the website and associated systems against loss, destruction, access, alteration or distribution of their data by unauthorized persons through appropriate technical and organizational measures.

The user acknowledges and accepts that BLOCKRAISE stores and, if necessary, evaluates, processes and forwards to third parties at home and abroad statistical, analysis, advertising and marketing purposes the data which arise during the use of the websites. The user can object to the use of personal data for advertising and marketing purposes at any time. Furthermore, BLOCKRAISE undertakes not to pass on user data to third parties for purposes which are not mentioned herein and which have nothing to do with the fulfillment of the contract. BLOCKRAISE may pass on personal data to authorities at home and abroad within the framework of civil, administrative and criminal proceedings, provided that a legally binding and enforceable judgment, order or legal obligation exists. System operations and traffic boundary data are logged by BLOCKRAISE or third party providers and stored to the extent permitted by law and for the period specified by law. These protocols are used for the fulfillment of the services, the legal requirements, for troubleshooting as well as for the collection of the performance data and the purposes mentioned above.


2.2 Cookies

When our website is accessed, a small file, a so-called "cookie", is stored in the memory of the user's computer. This tracking technology is primarily used for the precise collection of visitor numbers. The information that BLOCKRAISE receives and stores via "cookies" during normal visits to its websites is used exclusively within BLOCKRAISE or its affiliated companies to optimise the websites and the user experience. In addition, BLOCKRAISE does not intend to use the information and personal data obtained on the basis of Google Analytics for personal identification purposes, with the exception of defence against attacks which constitute criminal offences; attacks which seek to prevent or impair the functionality of our website; enquiries from law enforcement authorities and for marketing purposes and improvement of the services offered by BLOCKRAISE.


2.3 Consent

By using BLOCKRAISE websites, the user expressly agrees to the processing of the data collected about him/her in the manner and for the purposes described above.


2.4 Applicable Law and Jusrisdiction

Place of jurisdiction is Zurich. Any mandatory legal jurisdictions remain reserved.

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