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Powering innovative trading strategies for digital assets

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to make the cryptocurrency market more accessible, efficient and profitable for traders, investors and market participants With our cutting-edge technology, 60+ exchange integrations, deep liquidity provisioning and institutional-grade algorithms, we are proud to offer a robust and reliable platform that ensures seamless trade execution, real-time market analysis and reporting, and more.

Our team of experts have years of experience trading with established and nascent projects, and we work with leading cryptocurrency projects and exchanges to ensure the best service deliver.

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Why choose 

Blockraise is a boutique firm committed to innovation and integrity. Our algorithmic trading solutions are fully customizable to meet the specific needs of our clients, while our execution services allow for the accumulation or distribution of tokens with best-in-class coverage for illiquid tokens. 

Increased liquidity

Market making plays a vital role in boosting the liquidity of cryptocurrencies, making them easily accessible to traders, investors, and market participants around the world.

Liquidity consulting

In addition to algorithmic software, we offer valuable insight and advice on token economics, listing strategies, and market conditions.

Investor attractivness

Our services cater to the needs of large institutional investors by reducing slippage and providing orderly entry and exit points for investors.

Volatility management

By providing deep order book liquidity, our market making services help mitigate the volatility of the asset and reduce drastic price swings.

Price discovery

With more efficient bid-ask spreads and increased liquidity, our services assist with fair price discovery and make it easier for traders to get a good price for their trades.

Experienced team

Our team of experts has years of experience trading in the cryptocurrency market, and we use our expertise to provide valuable insights and solutions.

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Join other Web3 businesses and take advantage of our market making services to increase liquidity, reduce volatility, and achieve your trading goals. 

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