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Investing in innovative Web3 infrastructures

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs and innovators in the blockchain space by providing early-stage venture capital. We believe in the transformative potential of Web3 to create value for businesses and society and see tremendous opportunity in supporting founders in their journey to bring their vision to life.

Our approach is focused on leveraging our operational expertise, establishing strategic partnerships, and fostering a collaborative environment to become a trusted partner for our portfolio companies. We prioritize working closely with our portfolio companies, providing mentorship and support in product development, marketing, and fundraising areas.

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Our investment mandate

Since 2019, we have maintained a strong presence in the digital assets market, investing in liquid cryptocurrencies on the secondary market and early-stage funding rounds.

We seek to invest in daring entrepreneurs with the vision to build legendary companies. Our investment style is agnostic; our portfolio covers blockchain protocols, Web3 infrastructure, decentralized finance, metaverse technologies, NFTs, and more. 
Blockraise strives to be a trusted partner for our portfolio companies and help them achieve their fullest potential.

Ticket size

$50,000 — $250,000


Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A


SAFT, Liquid tokens, SAFE, Equity

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Our Portfolio

Here is a selection of our previous investments, each one representing a unique example of our commitment to supporting exceptional startups in the blockchain space.

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